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A collection of resources to help developers create better screencasts, and level-up their overall video content creation game.

Produce traditional and vertical videos with the same footage!

Just like web design went through a “responsive design” transformation many years ago… making videos now requires the same responsive design thinking.

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How To Actually Start Creating Content

Feeling stuck in a procrastination loop? Want to start creating content but keep coming up with excuses to justify waiting a little longer? Let's snap out of this situation!

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Preparing Your Room For Audio Recordings

Good audio starts with ideal recording conditions. Let's explore some ways to optimise your room and drastically improve your audio takes!

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The Best Video Transition Is Often... No Transition

When cutting from Scene A to Scene B, it's often tempting to use one of the built-in transitions provided by your video editing software, like a "cross-fade". Let's challenge that!

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